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Emmie Hamilton is forever inspired by the "in-between" moments. You know the ones - the empty spaces between the chaos of life. The conversations that are never said, the days filled with waiting, the silence after the emotion calms down; those are what Emmie's stories are built on.

In her free time, Emmie likes to fulfill her passion for "life" whether that's writing emotional connections, reading addictive novels, traveling the world, or trying new food.

Emmie received her MFA in Creative Writing and Certificate in Online Instruction for Creative Writing and Technical Writing in 2019 and has since published essays and poems with Scary Mommy and Pure Slush Press.

Her debut novel, Chosen to Fall (Book One of The Destined Series), was released in May 2021 and she has since gone on to release three additional books, including the conclusion to The Destined Series, in 2023.

She has a spicy novella and another novel planned for a 2024 release.

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And now for Emmie's next adventure...

When the siren calls

The crew can hear

An inviting path into the depths we fear

But her sweeter song

It is foretold

Will soothe the soul as death takes hold...

When Stars Become Shadows

July 12, 2022


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Book One of the Destined Series

***B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree 


Shelf Unbound's Notable Top 100 Indie Book of 2021***

How far would you go to avoid your Destiny?

What depth would you travel to change your fate?

How much would you risk before surrendering to the Chosen path?

NOW AVAILABLE at Barnes & Noble and Amazon

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